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Events in red are those that haven’t been started or there has been no satisfactory development in this regard.
Events in blue are those that have been initiated but not completed, or there have been some developments in this regard.
Events in green are those that have been completed as described in the manifesto, or have seen satisfactory developments.

Reaching Out

Cult 101

[gsreview title=”A platform for beginners interested in specific cultural genres, aimed at providing mentoring and an opportunity to perform.” color=”green”]Revised to Cult..NotdiffiCult saw workshops aimed at beginners, though it was finished in summers instead of the regular semester. The output of the various workshops was shown at – Final Stage, a platform for the participants.[/gsreview]

Lukkha Weekend

[gsreview title=”Organize a weekend full of low preparation cross-genre events along with an informal arena to boost participation and interaction among students.” color=”green”]Revised to Institute Cult Night, the event saw involvement mainly from freshmen and PG’s.[/gsreview]

Cult Explore

[gsreview title=”Conduct an array of workshops/sessions to provide students with exposure towards unique and unexplored art forms and a new flavour of cultural.” color=”green”]Sums up to introduction of a new artform/aspect for the particular genre, which already is more or less mentioned as initiatives in manifestos of individual GS of each genre.[/gsreview]

In the Spotlight

Institute Music Album

[gsreview title=”Propose to provide opportunities to institute bands to record tracks at subsidized rates and create a compilation of selected OCs played in Goonj and BOTB.” color=”blue”]Unproduced as of now. Approved on paper, the bands are yet to proceed for recording.[/gsreview]

Inter-IIT Sports

[gsreview title=”Showcase cultural performances by institute students during the inauguration ceremony.” color=”blue”]Acts by Institute students (MGC plays, Couple Dance) were performed during Inter-IIT, though not at the Inaugural ceremony.[/gsreview]

Roots platform

[gsreview title=”Conduct platform performances by students before renowned artists in the festival.” color=”red”]Though it was planned for students to perform at Roots convention, it has been dropped as it is doesn’t comply with SPICMACAY’s policies.[/gsreview]

Retain The Heritage

IIT Bombay Cultural Portfolio

[gsreview title=”Online brochure exhibiting the cultural legacy of the institute.” color=”blue”]The brochure was deemed infeasible, and hence related elements were incorporated into the cult website itself.[/gsreview]

Institute Magazines

[gsreview title=”Online publication of entries received for English Writing magazine, Spandan, Fotomagazin, Scriptbook and Artbook.” color=”blue”]English Writing, Artbook and Fotomagzin are unpublished as of now. Spandan was launched after a gap of 2 years, and Scriptbook, a compilation of Institute scripts made this year has been made.[/gsreview]

Online Ventures

Buy and Sell Portal

[gsreview title=”Create an online portal to facilitate buying and selling of used books and instruments.” color=”red”]It has been launched once, but with limited functionality, and it is in the process of a revamp, incorporating tech, HA and other disciplines. Not functional as of now.[/gsreview]

Online Payment Gateway

[gsreview title=”Simplify the payment procedure for cultural classes through an online payment portal.” color=”red”]Some paperwork still remains. Not functional as of now.[/gsreview]

Consolidation and Augmentation


[gsreview title=”Showcase Event focusing on the linguistic and geographic diversity of the institute students and residents, incorporating cultural performances by international students as well.” color=”green”]Completed successfully, this time it also incorporated performances from international exchange students and a drawing competition for Staff children.[/gsreview]

NSO Culturals

[gsreview title=”Propose to expand of the wings of NSO Culturals to Dance, Debate and Film-making.” color=”blue”]NSO for Dance and Debate have been approved on paper and should be in function from next semester. NSO Filmmaking has been ditched; NSO Fine Arts and Drama, though approved on paper last year itself, had to be reapproved and executed.[/gsreview]

Choose Your Fest

[gsreview title=”Propose to extend selective allocation of contingent in various genres and provide opportunities to participate in desired college festivals best suited for their genre.” color=”green”]Successfully employed, especially in genres of Debate and Lit. Attendance waiver is provided for fests for the particular genre contingent and TA/DA for a limited number of fests for each genre.[/gsreview]

Cultural Hub

[gsreview title=”Ensure a 24×7 accessible DC++ hub containing archives (photographs, videos, tutorials) of all genres is updated regularly.” color=”red”]DC Hub doesn’t exist as of now. Online media and cloud sharing is supposed to be sufficient for the same.[/gsreview]

Infrastructural Improvements

Technical Projects

[gsreview title=”Float STAB projects for construction of equipments like Stabilizer, LED series etc.” color=”blue”]Projects topics were floated, though no significant progress was recorded in any.[/gsreview]


[gsreview title=”Drums, Board games, Clay modelling instruments, Studio Lights, Mics” color=”green”]Drum kits and Mics have been procured; Studio Lights and a Projector has been approved. Ballet Bar and Stunt Mats were other significant additions to the Dance room.[/gsreview]

Discount Stalls

[gsreview title=”For music instruments; ‘Books by Weight’ Expo; Camera accessories and repairs.” color=”green”]Done.[/gsreview]

Follow Ups

Social Initiative

[gsreview title=”Extend support to NGOs in”>”>dresses.html”>”>dressing social issues through institute performances on public platforms, donations from institute performances and workshops for the unprivileged.” color=”green”]A street play was organized as a part of institute performances on public performances, donations were made to an NGO from the AIDS hat. A major and appreciable initiative in this regard is Muskaan, done in collaboration with NSS, aimed at underprivileged children from outside the institute. They were taught in Dance, Drama and FA, and were given local platforms to perform.[/gsreview]

New Clubs

[gsreview title=”Establish ‘Design Club’ and ‘Quiz Club’ to build a focussed approach towards these genres; and ensure proper functioning of ‘Lifestyle Club’ catering to Fashion, Cuisine and Cinema.” color=”blue”]Design Club has been established, with an appropriate structure – 6 conveners under the Design Nominee, which also serve ICC design requirements; Fashion Club has been created under the banner of Lifestyle Club – a few classes and participation in festivals have been done; Quiz Club functions as an offspring of the Lit Club itself, conducting quizzes, online and offline. The Cuisine and Cinema Club, though promised, are yet to see the light of the day.[/gsreview]

Cult Appreciation

[gsreview title=”Conduct appreciation workshops/screenings of renowned cultural works and organize cultural outings at places like Prithvi Theatre, Kalaghoda, NCPA, Art Galleries.” color=”green”]Done.[/gsreview]

Cultural App and Brower Extension

[gsreview title=”Event publicity, dissemination of information and reminders for subscribed genres/events through an application/browser extension.” color=”red”]Apart from changes to the IITB App, a separate app hasn’t been developed for Cult nor there have been any visible developments on the Browser Extension.[/gsreview]



[gsreview title=”Proposed rules to be compiled into a GC Rule Book with immediate rule updates/clarifications to concerned hostel representatives.” color=”blue”]No separate rule book has been compiled, as rules were subject to change till Cult Com, after which they were conveyed to the concerned hostel secretaries.[/gsreview]

GC Guide

[gsreview title=”Provide previous years’ entries and preparatory material via the cultural website.” color=”blue”]Previous year entries can’t be found through the website; the FB page has the content uploaded on it.[/gsreview]


[gsreview title=”Production of newspaper rolls to be outsourced to avoid undue workload on students.” color=”green”]The PAF rolls have been successfully outsourced for whichever hostel that opts to do so, along with the waste disposal workload.[/gsreview]


[gsreview title=”Convey the profiles of distinguished judges for GCs and PAF well in advance.” color=”green”]Done.[/gsreview]

Web and Publicity

Beyond the gates

[gsreview title=”Workshops, Cultural Fests and showcases outside IIT Bombay will be publicized.” color=”green”]Done.[/gsreview]

Cult Critique

[gsreview title=”An online portal for feedback and suggestions on events and performance of the council.” color=”blue”]Not any separate portal. Just a list of contacts has been compiled.[/gsreview]

ICC Designers

[gsreview title=”Set up a team of designers specifically dedicated for print and digital media as per the requirements of the council and various cultural clubs.” color=”green”]Done.[/gsreview]

Cultural Courses

[gsreview title=”Publicize relevant Studio Projects, IDC and HSS courses via online social media.” color=”green”]Intro to Scriptwriting (ID 409) has been reintroduced.[/gsreview]

All the aforementioned points have been completed so to say, though it’s hard to determine any impact or the level of effort put in to complete, as these haven’t been recorded or consolidated in any manner. The design team has been established as mentioned under the Follow Ups sections.

Post Graduates | Freshmen

Fresher’s Night

[gsreview title=”An Entertainment Night consisting of Informal Party Games, Personality Hunt and a DJ Night organised as the concluding event of Freshiezza Phase One” color=”green”]Done.[/gsreview]


[gsreview title=”Conduct a PAF orientation along with Cult Orientation to tap the nascent zeal.” color=”green”]Done.[/gsreview]

PG Cultural Mela
[gsreview title=”Organize cultural events within PG hostels to boost participation and interaction.” color=”green”]Done.[/gsreview]

PG Trip

[gsreview title=”Conduct a leisure trip to provide an opportunity for PGs to socialize and interact.” color=”red”]Not conducted.[/gsreview]

PG Cult League

[gsreview title=”Retain the two legged-structure of PG Cult League and hold regular workshops in PG hostels to promote learning and exposure towards various genres.” color=”green”]Done.[/gsreview]

Highs and Lows

    Some things that didn’t work out so well –

  • JAM GC – It had been the topic of discussion for a long time across the institute
  • A crowded Cult Calendar – Multiple long weekends and fewer working days ultimately caused removal of many events from the calendar from the last year – Speaking Arts Festival, LIT fest, Ad GC, Photography GC-II, Stand Up Comedy GC
    Things that did work out well –

  • Roots – It has quite a large scale and also caters specifically to the classical and folk traditions
  • Design Club
  • Prom Night – This new initiative (though originally a point on Institute Dance Secy manifesto) was expanded to much more than a Dance session, and it was well executed and well received
  • Muskaan – The social initiative is a welcome step
  • Approval of Theatre and Sound Recording Room