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Leaving college after a long stay as a student involves a lot of work – lots of forms to fill and things to sort out. Due to the unprecedented situation because of the pandemic, all processes have shifted to an online mode.

To make this easier for you, we’ve compiled a ‘To-Do’ list.

In case anyone comes across any conflicting or alternate procedures other than the ones given here, please let us know at


  1. Students still have to fill-up the form online, the pdf versions need not be submitted at the Alumni Association office. Once the form is filled up, the alumni membership cards will be dispatched to the graduating students when the lockdown ends. The form is available here:

In case of any queries, please contact IITBAA at


  1. Graduating students need to access their accounts using the following link : and check their dues. Get your library late fine cleared by filling this form
  2. Register on the National Academic Depository. The NAD ID is required on the convocation form, so sign up at least a day before the deadline to fill the convo form (17th July). In case  your Aadhar is not linked with your phone, you can obtain the NAD ID by emailing your NAD form.
  3. Fill up the convocation form and pay the convo fees. It is necessary to fill up the convo form in order to obtain NOC from the department.
  4. You also need to send a scanned copy of the convocation form, duly filled and signed to your dealing assistant/staff. If you are unable to take a printout, you can send the unsigned pdf.
  5. Apply for the provisional certificate. A provisional certificate is a document issued by the institute stating that you have completed your graduation. It is a temporary certificate that can be used to look for jobs until the original certificate is issued by the institute. For provisional certificates, you need to mail your department separately, after the 24th of July. You will also have to submit the company offer letter for this.

Very few departments have provided information on No-Dues certificates up until now. The following is the procedure outlined by the MEMS department:

  1. Graduating students are required to send a signed self declaration to the department office using the format provided by the department.
  2. You can type this out, or write it on a white sheet of paper, sign it, scan it, create a PDF file and mail it.


  1. Before the presentation, choose the examiners for your evaluation panel after consulting your project guide. Get this approved by the department office and HoD.
  2. After the presentation, send the final grade form to the office along with students’ clearance.
  3. If any external examiner is in the Evaluation Panel (who is not employed in IITB), send the Bank details to your department office through email for disbursement of honorarium.
  4. Fill up the convo form and submit a copy to the department office along with a copy of your B.Tech degree.
  5. Send a final soft copy of your thesis in pdf format (make all the changes suggested by the examiners) to the department office before 21st July.
  6. If any students wish to take an extension for their DDP/MTP, they should send an email to their guide, explaining their reasons.
  7. Also, submit the Alumni form to your department office.
  8. In addition to this, you need to submit your Electronic Thesis Dissertation (ETD) at this link :


We hope that this guide helps you manage things in a smoother way. Wish you the best for all your future endeavours! 🙂


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