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The Institute General Body Meets (GBMs) are conducted twice every year with the intent to provide all students a convenient mechanism to provide feedback and”>”>dresses.html”>”>dress concern to the student representatives responsible for various amenities on campus.

The Sports Council 2015-16 GBM is scheduled from 11:25 PM on 30th October in LT (PCSA).

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Events in red are those that haven’t been started or there has been no satisfactory development in this regard.
Events in orange are those that have been initiated but not completed, or there have been some developments in this regard.
Events in green are those that have been completed as described in the manifesto, or have seen satisfactory developments.


Nihal Ahmad Baig, GSSA 2015-16


    • Fitness & Wellness Club: A body comprising of 3 parts, namely extreme fitness, regular fitness and wellness; each headed by a dedicated student mentor
    • Adventure Club: Conduct activities like trekking, rappelling, water rafting, rock climbing, camping etc. on a fortnightly basis
    • Cycling club: Conduct workshops on cycle repair & maintenance, set up temporary cycle outlets, identify cycling routes and organize cycling competitions inside & outside the campus
    • Push for a credited elective NSO course with both theory & practical coaching
    • Propose to provide certificates with grades upon completion based on assessment
    • Conduct workshops in different hostels to ensure more participation & skill development for sports like Pool, Football, Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball and other sports
    • Push for the standardization of hostel sports equipment through conduction of exhaustive
    • Referendums and maintenance of equipment inventory database
    • Centralize monthly hostel equipment order at discounted rates with a deferred payment option
    • Publish a quarterly Newsletter and a Photo Magazine
    • Form a team to publicize sports events and provide proper recognition to participants

While the new adventure and cycling clubs have seen regular events and strong participation, other initiatives have not taken off due to lack of response from the administration and hostel sports committees. The graded NSO proposal has received an in-principle approval and the General Secretary has been given the go ahead to draft the final proposal. There were delays in appointing a Design Nominee and this has affected the design and media initiatives.


  • Propose to construct multi-throwing rings & install Hammer throw cage for improved safety of joggers
  • Re-propose to construct practice walls in Indoor Volleyball courts by extending the corner pillars
  • Ensure completion of a Synthetic Jogging Track around the Indoor SAC Courts
  • Propose setting up of Rock Climbing wall with all safety gears in Gymkhana facilities
  • Push for construction of a Basketball half-court & Badminton courts in Hostel 15-16 area
  • Ensure re-soiling and levelling of Football ground
  • Provide a Tennis Ball Cricket pitch on the main grounds & a practice pitch in box net area

The council is pushing for new infrastructure to be built, however, the Main Building has directed that the impending OAT reconstruction will take precedence over other proposals. Improvement of existing infrastructure is being undertaken with most proposals awaiting final sign offs from the Estate office.


  • Ensure Multi Utilisation of Current Facilities- Multipurpose Indoor Court for Kho-Kho, Football & Hockey
  •  Marking of Skating rink on outdoor Basketball & Lawn Tennis in indoor Basketball courts
  •  Curtain Cricket nets in Indoor roof for net practice and warm-up/stretching during monsoon
  • Provide Gum-soled shoes, Studs, Skates & Spiked shoes for issuing from indoor multipurpose hall & SAC store room
  • Expand Central Purchase System by adding an exhaustive list of equipment and integrating with Online Payment Portal for smoother payment process
  • Ensure availability of medical kits & ice boxes at different gymkhana facilities
  • Ensure quarterly Sports outlet for easy equipment purchase for students
  • Support Skating Club by budget revision & representation in council meetings

Existing facilities are being utilised to an optimum level. Medical kits are available in both the new and the old SAC. The Main Building has approved the purchase of refrigerators and the council is in the process of purchasing the same. The Central Purchase System is currently under development by the Hostel Affairs council and will include sports equipment as well.


  • Introduce Athletics Gala & reintroduce Swimming Gala; invite participants from across the state
  • Introduce Indian Games Night and Organize Girls Fun Day; Continue existing Sports Mela
  • Reintroduce Sport of the Month and conduct workshops for Baseball, Handball, Frisbee, Touch , Rugby, Boxing etc.; conduct open events for few sports as well
  • Organize Freshmen Sports Tournament in two phases
  • Propose to expand Drona mentorship program by increasing sports and inviting interns from NIS
  • Organize Pirates Premier League–Cricket,Football,TT and Badminton for Hostels 12-13-14
  • Support to organize an Inter B-School sports Tournament for SOM
  • Propose to conduct an Institute Open tournament for Pool & Card games
  • Conduct 3 tier Summer Camps in two phases for all sports followed by open competitions
  • Conduct Girls Workshop for Aerobics, Gym training, Self-defence and other sports

The tenure has seen genuine effort being put into introducing different sports to the student community. The Sport of the Month initiative has seen a great response from the institute. The tenure also saw interns from the Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports coach the InterIIT teams, with two interns staying over as part-time coaches for the Hockey and Athletics teams. Some initiatives like the Pool Tournament and Gym Training sessions have been delayed because of delays in procurement of equipment.


  • Increase the share of PG Sports in the institute budget and reallocate funds department wise for year-long equipment issue & refreshments
  • Provide Badminton poles & nets for recreational activities in Departmental area for Research Scholars
  • Showcase the talent of current PG players in PG freshmen sports orientation thereby motivating the strong


  • Invite colleges from all over Mumbai and conduct a Sports Tournament for 13 sports & games
  • Follow up on the proposal to hire full time Sports coaches and a physiotherapist for Institute teams
  • Propose to have fitness & strength build-up camp for current & aspiring Inter IIT players
  • Form Institute teams for Skating, Handball, Kho-Kho (Girls); Push for inclusion of Chess, Kho-Kho & Skating in Inter-IIT
  • Encourage all institute teams to participate in outside tournaments
  • Propose for Archive Wall for outstanding sportspersons over the years and push for digital archive on the Gymkhana server

The Inter-IIT preparations seem to be going fine with additional coaches being brought in from the NIS, to fill vacancies. However, major initiatives proposed are stuck in the discussion and execution phase. The Archive wall and sports tournaments for Mumbai teams seems to be on the back burner, while fitness camps have only been conducted for 3 teams as of October end.


  • Support Hostels by centralized maintenance of Gym & flood lights and issuing of field maintenance equipment; Conduct Gym training sessions
  • Conduct bi-annual sports meeting in every hostel to tackle general sports related issues
  • Conduct monthly meetings with Hostel Sports & PG Sports Councils to improve coordination

While the Sports Committee has met regularly, there is little progress on the hostel support initiatives. The plans to centralise maintenance and procurement of sports equipment has been stalled, which the General Secretary blames on the Hostels not providing required inventory lists. The GSec has also abandoned the plan to hold bi-annual meetings in hostels, citing that such meets would not bring up anything significant.