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Breaking News – the journalism competition was organised  for the first time at Freshiezza – Freshmen inter-hostel general championship. The competition, organised by InsIghT,  saw a participation of 23 teams. (Hostel 10 – 3 entries; Hostel 4 – 10 entries; Hostel 3 – 9 entries; Hostel 2 – 1 entry)

The teams had an A3 sheet at their disposal. The event gave them complete journalistic and creative liberty to put in articles, pictures, illustrations and any other journalistic content they found relevant. The judging criteria took the content matter, readability and presentation into account. Though a wide variety of articles were written, “Life at IIT-Bombay” was a clear favourite.

The event was preceded by the Journalism Worshop by T. Surendar giving students 3 days time to submit their own newsletter. The winning team, from Hostel 3, earned 60 points in the Freshiezza Literary Arts tally.

1st  Hostel 3 – Guna Prasad, Mani Shankar and Teja Sriram
2nd Hostel 10 – Aarushi and Saniya
2nd Hostel 4 – Soovadeep Bakshi, Prateek Kurkanji, Sandeep Barua and Aditya Sonkar
4th Hostel 4 – Navin Chandak Abhilash Gupta Bhavik Jain Ayush Kanodia
5th Hostel 4 – Anurag
5th Hostel 4 – Anshul Awasthi, Ankur Agrawal


Winning Entry by Hostel 3