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The IITB Racing team had recently participated in the Formula Student 2014, the largest student motorsport competition in the world. Formula Student is run by the Institute of Mechanical Engineers- IMechE, a UK based body, which challenges student engineers to design, build and race a single seat race-car within a year. This year, the event was hosted by Coventry University for the pre-event period and lasted for four days, from 9th to 13th of July. After an incredibly successful performance, Insight brings to you a detailed description of the competition.

On Day 0, the team began with assembling the car completely, testing it and setting up a clean and good looking pit to house the car for the day’s static events. On Day 1, the car was lined up for Technical Inspection starting with Electrical Scrutineering. Unfortunately, it could not be cleared on the first day and was eventually done the next morning. Safety, Chassis and Tech Scrutiny were successfully completed thereafter. On Day 3, they cleared the Rain Test, Tilt Test, Noise Test and the Brake Test, all in one attempt, to finish scrutiny just in time to participate in the acceleration and skidpad events. EVo 3.0 also completed the Autocross Maneuverability event with the best lap time of 73 seconds.

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The team performed well in static events (Design, Cost and Business Presentation). The judges appreciated the car and were impressed with the magnitude of their improvement over the last season. The vehicle weighed 264 kg, a 22% reduction from EVo 2.0 (338 kg). The highlight was the design event where the team scored 100 out of 150 points, ranked 28th out of 97 teams and their design was cited as one of the best over the past few years.

Day 4 was arguably the most important day of the event because of the endurance run. EVo 3.0 managed to successfully complete endurance to become the only Indian car ever to finish endurance at Formula Student UK. It was among only 9 Electric Cars (out of 27) to finish the endurance run at FS UK’14.

The IIT Bombay Racing team has brought accolades for their respectable performance, their best to-date. Their goal throughout the season was to build a reliable car that could complete all dynamic events and the entire team was ecstatic to have finally achieved it. An extremely enthused team back at IITB has already begun work for Formula Student ’15. Leveraging on their experience, they now aim to improve on these key areas and look forward to a glorious 2015 season.

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