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IIT Bombay has always strived to be one of the greatest, not only in the nation but worldwide. Clearly though, focussing solely on teaching with research falling to the sidelines will not help us accomplish this goal. Harvard, MIT, Stanford and some of the world’s premier institutes have reached immense heights by not just showing their worth on research papers, but by continuously providing exposure and access to state-of-art facilities and research centres which have relevance/benefits to the society. Silicon valley is the result of a plethora of research and entrepreneurship work.

Recognising this, a new venture has been set up by MHRD – research parks in some of the IITs. The successful creation of IIT Madras research park has inspired the establishment of the IIT Bombay Research Park, ASPIRE – Applied Science Park for Innovation Research & Entrepreneurship. Their vision statement – “To achieve recognition for innovation, entrepreneurship and research excellence through industry-academia collaboration.” This initiative aims to establish an innovation hub through industry-academia collaboration, enable a two-way flow of knowledge and resources, establish a strong industrial relationship by starting R&D centres in the institute, and to promote entrepreneurship.

The plan for the park started in 2014. Phase 0 looks to make its debut in the year 2017, and will be funded by preliminary clients of companies already involved in this venture. This will be established in the Academic Area and will support the first few contracted companies that wish to set up research labs and/or office spaces on the campus, and will also be in close proximity to professors and students. Phase 1 – scheduled to be completed by Jan, 2019 – will have the first operational building in the Research Park. With a location on the outskirts of our campus, behind the Renaissance hotel, it has a view of both Powai and Vihar lakes, and will cover an area of about 250,000 sq.ft. Further, Phases 2 and 3 of the parks have a proposed completion of 2023 with a projected area of 1,000,000 sq.ft.

Required image : Architect’s impression of Park, and Map showing location of park, slide 4,5 (1a, 1b)

The IITB RESEARCH PARK FOUNDATION, is a Section 8 not for profit Company incorporated. Having set an R&D portfolio, the Foundation – led by Prof. in Charge Abhay Karandikar, and COO M. Kameshwari – has already started attracting potential clients to help fund and set up the Park.

The Research Park aims to facilitate interaction between IITB students and professors on one side, and industry and national R&D organisations on the other, through various modes of engagement. This ensures that institute faculty and the companies meet their required objectives, and students can get a good exposure into the technical side of their chosen fields while the supervision of corporate experts who share their passion for research. The flexibility and benefits offered by this park have already attracted clients like Applied Materials (AMAT). Applied Materials has joined IITB Research Park as their Anchor Client in 2015.The partnership between IIT Bombay and Applied Materials spans for over 10 years and this has resulted in collaboration with more than 30 faculty members across various departments, R&D lab on campus in 6000 sq. ft. of space and about 25 engineers of AMAT working in the Applied Materials Exploration Center facility.


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This initiative can have many more positive outcomes. The Research Park will significantly increase industry-IITB R&D interaction and thereby enhance the output of translational research i.e research with direct societal and industrial relevance/benefit. This will also be beneficiary to professors, who can get R&D contracts and grants from the companies and have facilities located in close proximity. As for the clients, they will be provided access to state-of-the-art facilities inside IIT Bombay, as well as to our Central Library, with access to thousands of journals, publications and other research materials to aid their research. If you are a student of IITB, you may be treated to a small tour of the facilities in the Park. The park can also solve the issue of getting internships and placements as companies may recruit students for the Park. All in all, this looks to be an exciting new chapter which will change the face of research and development in IIT Bombay, and we hope it will leave a lasting legacy and put IIT Bombay at par with other institutions on the global stage.

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