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An E-Cell Venture

E-Garage, as described by the Entrepreneurship Cell, is ‘a one stop platform for the conversion of your idea into something big. It will act as a constant support system for all your needs during execution, and serve as an opportunity to get inspired by real time successful entrepreneurs.’

The launch of E-Garage took place on the 11th of August at the F. C. Kohli auditorium. The chief guests for the evening were Gul Panag and Raghuram. The celebrities did attract a huge crowd 😛 and in the end many students had to be shut out.

The name E-Garage is itself inspired by the famous HP garage, which is popularly known as ‘the birthplace of Silicon Valley’. The E-Cell managers then explained the motive of E-Garage and briefed the audience regarding the events coming up from their side.

Sanjoe, General Secretary SOM and Sushanto Mishra, CEO SINE,”>”>dresses.html”>”>dressed the students. Mishra stressed upon the initiative to connect the students with Angel investors, Venture capitalists and clients. Prof. M. V. Rane from the Mechanical Engg Department who holds more than 10 patents then spoke about innovation. His 4-in-1 heat pump which can act as an air conditioner, dish washer, provide hot and cold water, heat recovery unit amongst others has been built on the need for Energy Conservation. Kashyap, an IITB Alumnus, founder of InkFruit apparel retail stores spoke about his own startup.

The most awaited part of the evening soon kicked off. Raghuram was as usual at his dynamic best. Through his talk, he drove home the point to think out-of-the-box and come up with ideas that would attract people. Few of his lines which garnered a huge round of applause were “Giving up on your passion is a risk, chasing your dream isn’t”, “Success is not a destination. So keep thinking ‘what next?’”, “Never copy others, have your own style based on your attitude towards work”. As his talk neared an end, he got his cup of coffee, without which, he said, he would get grumpy!!

Gul Panag soon took the stage. She was welcomed with a loud roar and an ocean of applause. The response to her first sentence “It feels great to be in one room filled with IITian guys” brought the roof down! Dressed for a date, as she revealed, her looks were well complemented by her eloquent speech. She spoke about the need for our country to produce entrepreneurs and the hurdles that one has to face to make it big. A graduate in Mathematics, she spoke about her own career and her entry into Miss India in brief. She hopes that in the long run, her own social entrepreneurial venture will help people with innovative ideas find public and private partners. Also, she laid stress on the necessity to give something back to the society and the NGOs she is supporting. A lot of sense can be made in this line of hers “Don’t chase money. If you are true to your passion, things will follow.”