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Anmol Sureka is an alumnus from the 2018 batch. He graduated with a Dual Degree from the Department of Chemical Engineering and is currently working as a Process Engineer in Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Here he answers a set of questions that range from his experiences in the core sector to the ways through which he dealt with stress in his placement days.

1. What were the various options available to you while choosing a career path? For ex: Higher studies in foreign institute, MBA or launching a startup?
Higher Studies(MBA or MS) are always open for everyone but I was sure that I did not
want to study just after IIT. So for me, I had a various option to choose from the type of
companies that came for placements like consulting, core(Chemical), FMCGs and
surprisingly I got shortlisted for one or two finance companies as well.

2. What was the placement process involved in your company during your placements and necessary preparations required to crack it?
The process is pretty simple. Before Day 0, they had an online MCQ test where they will
test you on analytical and chemical engineering skills. Once shortlisted, you have to
participate in GD where they will provide a short case study. In GD they mainly look for
your approach and the way you collaborate with others to reach the solution. After this
comes two round of interview which will be a mix of both technical and HR. They do not
expect deep chemical engineering knowledge but having said so one needs to be very
thorough with whatever they have written in their resume.

3. What has been your overall experience with the work in core sector and are you satisfied with the job?
If someone wants to get the practical sense of so far they have studied in chemical
engineering, it is a good option. And overall pharma is not so generic sector, one will get
to learn a lot of things apart from conventional chemical engineering. So it is a good
experience initially, rest what they wants to do depends from person to person.

4. What were your expectations from the job before joining a core company? Were they fulfilled afterwards? How has it turned out for you?
There were no particular expectations apart from knowing practical aspects of chemical
engineering i.e. how the actual process works and how does designing happens. I feel that I did get to experience that very well but it is a vast domain and after a point of time it is experience which nurture your skills which matters in future.

5. How good are the growth opportunities available in your company ?
Dr. Reddy’s have recently started investing a lot in IITians and they do expect a lot from
us. The company is very big and lot of opportunities to explore here. But one needs to
be very patient for opportunities as they want people to develop expertise which comes
from experience.

6. What are your future plans? A startup, higher studies or you want to stay with the company
<Don’t want to disclose it yet, sorry :P>

7. Could you tell us your experience of dealing with depression during your placement days due to reasons like placements in later stages or any other reason?
I did not go through it but the best support which helps you to go through situations like
this comes from your wingies and friends. They work like a proper support system and
no matter what, you need one person on your side to get you through the placements.
Also, there are very less companies which comes for placements with respect to market
size and hence there will always be opportunities. So try your best leaving the rest.