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The 7th Annual In Sync’s Dance Show, popularly called A.I.D.S., was held on 23rd January at the Convocation Hall. A.I.D.S. 2012, with the theme of Deception and a very promising poster depicting the same, commenced with “Silhouettes” :  a shadow dance which showcased the myths that have existed throughout the ages! This novel dance form was pulled off perfectly by the freshies and the same reflected in the overwhelming response of the audience: cheers, claps and euphoric noise!

Then followed “Never Alone”-a contemporary sequence exploring schizophrenia in kids. Reminiscent of MI 2011’s outstanding winning contemporary dance performance by Hansraj college, this one too was a visual spectacle. Marked by beautiful expressions, choreography and costumes, the standout performance was by the ensemble playing the child’s toys. Choreography and costumes of the father-child pair were less remarkable. But, overall, this was one dance that pulled heartstrings and rendered everyone speechless!

And then came “Paana no. 420”, an Indian Broadway, IIT’s own version of the Broadway, with a sweet little tale of love and rejection in a mechanic’s life. Although made with an intent to provide comic relief, this one was a technically sound accomplishment as well – apt prod and choreography alongwith energetic dance by the performers made it a memorable dance performance!

After this came “The quest beyond” – folk dances around the world! The script deserves a special mention as it did a very good job of  connecting all the different regions in the form of a Treasure Hunt. The dances, including Egyptian Belly dance, Greek dance, Persian dance and Indian classical dance, all were very colourful and lively.

Next ,the Hip Hop genre put up a sports-themed dance called the “Theatre of Dreams”. This theme depicted the fall and rise of Manchester United Club in a very realistic manner,  complete with the enactment of the plane crash. The highlight of the show was the way the lights were co-ordinated with the dance especially in the solo part.

Mad Hot Ballroom saw the dancers shaking their legs to two couple dance forms – Samba (Brazillian dance form) and Pasodoble (Spanish dance form). Though the group was a small one, they managed to create an impact on the audience.

The performance by the Teach For India Kids was the cutest of all the dances. The way the children moved confidently around the stage was enough to make way directly into the audience’s heart and bring a smile on their face!

Next was the most publicised tribute to Item numbers – Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment! Though the initial three dances (all Madhuri Dixit numbers) did not do justice to the titillating numbers, the next few ones (“Ishq Kamina”, “Tai Tai Phiss” and “Babuji”) made up for them!

And then came the performance that blew everyone’s minds , by the Fictitious Crew- Winner of India’s Got Talent 2! The entire sequence was filled with stunts and jumps,  executed with ease and  perfection! The crowd went mad, egging on the dancers to pour more and more of their soul into the dancing and it all ended with a thunderous applause and a standing ovation.

AIDS is never complete without a comedy performance and every year InSync tries to bring new ideas to the stage. This time it was “That’s Why Kolaveri Di”, mixing both comedy and romance. This comical take on the classic love story of Romeo and Juliet, not only lived up to the expectations, but offered even more in terms of creativity: A Punjabi Friar and a South Indian setting! The colorful stop-motion video was brilliant. The momentum built with the Nakka muka song and finally the Kolaveri song had people singing along!

AIDS finally came to an end with the traditional Group Pic and later on, all the InSync Junta danced their hearts out on the stage while the audience made their way out, filled with memories!

Overall, AIDS this time offered a lot of variety and the brilliant work on lights enhanced the performances. AIDS has come a long way since its inception and we hope that this trend continues in the next years!

Neha Innanje, with inputs from Alankar Jain and Yash Sheth