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With the construction of Hostel 18 having begun, we take a look at the status and the future of accommodation inside the campus.

New Hostels – a dire need

At present the institute is not prepared to house all the students enrolled in the campus. There is a shortage for about 2500 students who need to be accommodated. This number is high mostly due to the increased student intake. Each of Hostel 1 to Hostel 9 can accommodate only upto 280-300 students. There is thus a critical need to meet the requirements of increased student intake with the construction of multi-storeyed Hostels. The shortfall of infrastructure which has been increasing until now, can be only stabilised by constructing more hostels.

The construction of new Hostels

The construction of Hostel 18 is going on currently with an expected budget of 80 crores which could go up to 82 crores.The construction of Hostel 18, behind Hostel 9 and Tansa House, began in March last year and according to the Dean IPS (Prof. Viswanadham) it could take 18 to 24 months for its completion. Hostel 17 has been planned to be built between Hostels 7 and 14. A wing of Hostel 7 would have to be cleared for its construction.There are also plans to build additional rooms in Hostel 12,13 and 14 in the empty space in the ground floor area. The occupants of Hostel 18 are going to be both male and female, like Hostels 15 & 16. International students are also going to be staying in these Hostels.

What’s new about the new Hostels

The new Hostels will be having slightly larger rooms and they are to be comfortable for double occupancy. Hostel 18 is g+9(ground floor+9) with 1100 rooms.The Hostels would have physically-disabled friendly toilets. There would be a loss of trees but some trees have been transplanted. The new Hostels would have a rainwater collecting facility and a biogas plant.

Upgradation of Hostels and Hostel for married scholars

The upgradation of Hostel 1 has been completed and that of Hostel 4 has been approved, with construction beginning once funds are allocated. Plans are also ready for a hostel for married couples, with the Dean IPS stating that there is a good chance that the government will allocate infrastructure funds once things materialise. The wait list for accommodation of married students is high, and the process to receive funds for the construction is currently ongoing.

Parting words

The current status of accommodation is not good enough but with the construction of Hostel 18, there seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel.

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