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I’m Samyak Jaroli and am currently doing my 7th Semester at National University of Singapore on exchange from IIT Bombay.

In my first post, I’ll answer general FAQs about SEP and application process. I have been thinking of posting something on similar lines since a long time.
Since I am not a regular blogger, I’ll keep my post simple and straight.

What is SEP?
Student Exchange Program is a program in which students from one university choose to study in partner universities and vice versa. IIT Bombay has MoUs (Memorandums of Understanding) with several universities at Undergraduate, Post-Graduate and Scholars’ Level. Refer IR Office site for specific details.

When should I go for exchange?
Well! Most MoUs do not mention specific years, they just say Undergraduates. It would be better to go in year – 2nd/3rd/4th (Only for Dual Degree). Avoid the semester in which you have 2 or more Labs, as it is difficult to find a match for a particular Lab in the corresponding university. That is why in the past, students have preferred 3rd and 4th year (Dual Degree).

What should I prefer, a POR or going for Exchange?That’s a trade off one will have to make. The logic behind exchange is to learn something beyond your country and beyond your culture. Exchange gives you an opportunity to spend a Semester in some foreign university. Even an Exchange may overshadow the POR point in the Resume.

I want to App. Should I go for exchange?
Not a good question! People have secured good apps even after doing a company intern and vice versa. Similarly, it doesn’t really even matter. It might help a bit if you are applying in the same university as the one in which you go for an exchange.

Note – ‘App’ refers to applying for admission for M.S. /Ph. D.

W­hen in the semester should I apply?
One should start planning in the start of September/March. The earlier the better.
It would be good to be ready with your application and matched courses by the first week of September/March.
Deadline is university specific. Do check deadline for application in IR Office as well. Note that deadline for submitting the application in IR Office and applying online to the new university are two different things.

Is the exchange funded? What are the costs involved?
As per SEP, you pay your tuition fees to IIT Bombay. However, you would have pay additional fees (hostel-accommodation, food etc.) at the corresponding university. But many universities have scholarships for incoming exchange students. NUS has one program as well. You can figure this out from the MOU or from university site or from IR Office.

What are matched courses ?
Matched courses are the common courses at both universities which have similar content.

Table in the application for the matched courses looks like this.

Application Process

In the next entry, I’ll post about the NUS-Scholarship, its process and requirements.
I hope this will motivate me to write some more 😛
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