Last updated on March 19 2013

What is InsIghT? What is InsIghT Facebook App?

InsIghT is the student media body of IIT Bombay. The Facebook reader of InsIghT bridges the gap for readers between the InsIghT website and Facebook by providing them with content generated by InsIghT available on Facebook.

What data is stored by the InsIghT Facebook App?

We ensure that the only data which is recorded by us deals with which articles have been read by users and their corresponding time stamps.

User Data Access by the Application

The application fetches basic user information including friends of the user who have used the application. None of this information is stored on our server whatsoever. All the essential information is fetched from Facebook each time the user logs into the application. Aforementioned information helps us in delivering quality content to you which has been recently viewed on the InsIghT Facebook Reader by other friends of yours.

What happens when you visit InsIghT Facebook App?

If a certain user has given the publishing rights to the InsIghT Facebook Reader, the application will update your activity log with details of articles which have been read by you on the InsIghT Facebook Reader. Similar such information will also stored on our server as has been mentioned earlier. As of now there is no feature to delete the user activity details from our server. We plan on providing this feature soon.

How can I disable the InsIghT Facebook App?

You can remove the InsIghT Facebook App by following these steps on Facebook.