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Were you one of the 600 odd people who had filled in the World Cup Final Ticket form sent by the PRO? Have you been ridiculed by your friends for being so naive as to believe something like that? Here is news that will totally blow your mind! Ms. JJ from the PRO has recently revealed to InsIghT that the first mail was actually sent by her! Read the excerpt from a chat we had with her:

Me: So Ma’am… How do you feel about students misusing your account for April Fool’s Day pranks?

PRO: It is very disturbing indeed. Students have no respect anymore. And then they complain about the authorities being strict.

Me: What do you think their motivation was for writing that mail?

PRO: Isn’t it obvious? They were doing – what do you guys call it? RG…Yeah… they wanted the tickets for themselves, so they sent that mail about it being a hoax mail.

Me: What?! Do you mean to say that the first mail was actually yours?

PRO: Yeah. I did have those tickets. And I sent that mail. I don’t know who sent the second mail about it being a hoax mail.

Me: Shit! I should have filled the form. So Ma’am what is being done about the whole issue?

PRO: Well, I sent a mail saying that the mail about my mail being a hoax mail was a hoax mail but no one believed me. People don’t even believe my mails about symposiums now. This episode has been very bad for the PR of the PRO.

Me: Right. So I think the biggest question in front of us is, what happened to those 50 tickets?

PRO: Oh those? They disappeared mysteriously from my office the next day. I saw pictures of some students at Wankhede on Facebook after the match. Doubtless it must have been them.

Me: Can you tell us who they were?

PRO: No, they’re all very important people in the institute and I shouldn’t really be taking names. You of all people should know what happens to people who take names in print right? #opinionatedarticle

Me: Thank you Ma’am for all your great insights.

PRO: I can’t thank you for the same though. ■

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